ZONESUN 22x14cm Hand leather cutting machine,photo paper,PVC/EVA sheet mold cutter,manual leather mold /Die cutting machine

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20*14cm  Hand pressure sampling machine,Laser knife mold leather stamping machinemanual leather mold /Die cutting machine
The whole body in steel, performance without doubt. Up and down height adjustable
Free come with nylon pads,"laser knife mold" buy extra
Suitable for various of materials,like:Fabric leather,foamed PVC/EVA,
stickers,plastic/rubber sheet, middle or soft sheet material,
not work for metal sheet
Model:2014 Manual die cutting Machine
Machine press plate size 20x14cm
Structure made in #45 carbon steel
Press plate thickness in 16mm
Bottom base plate thickness in 14mm 
Plate corder edge 1mm 
Press plate with 4screw hole for use for fix mold
Knife mold width better less than 150mm,max not more than 200mm, 
knife length not limited, but need to less than Nylon plate size
the Eccentric wheel size in 5.5mm,Press plate work range max. 11mm ,
so max cutting thickness less than 11mm,
but suggest best work less than 7mm, if not material hard to put in.
The thickest can be cut Max. 7mm
Machine package in wooden case about 35-40kg 
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