ZONESUN Stainless steel cling film sealing machine,Food fruit vegetable fresh film wrapper, cling film sealer packaging

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Electromagnetic induction sealing machine using the electromagnetic induction principle, put aluminum foil in electromagnetic induction device of high temperature melts, sealed bottle.The characteristics of low cost, simple operation, easy to use.Mainly used for plastic bottle with screw thread, glass and other non-metallic bottle of bottle of induced 
membrane sealing operation.Applicable to large, medium batch continuous sealing work.This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, lube and sealing products in the field of cosmetics. 




  • Sealing of the container material is PE, PP, PET, PS, ABS and glass, etc., 

    can not be used in metal bottles and caps.

    • the unique belt broken memory function of the aircraft
    • the whole intelligent machine shell is more beautiful, more strong!
    • anti interference function
    • with the function of counting

    Voltage: 220V 50HZ/60HZ    

    electric plug: China plug 

    Remark:  110V 60hz can be customized, please contact us with special request prior to payment made.  



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    Separated with the electric motor,the pump is made of a variety of anti-corrosion imported material.There is no mechanical metal part or abrasion inside the pump.The pump can stand oil,heat,acid,alkali,abrasion and chemical products.This pump integrates the advantage of self-suck pump and chemical pump.It can self suck,heat protect,stable working 


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