ZONESUN ZS-CB150 Automation Small Chain For Conveyors Price Machine Belts Industrial System

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Designed for automated production,the conveyor belt can be bought separately.Its length and height can be customized according to your production needs.The working speed of this conveyor is adjustable,this ensure that it can work perfectly with your automatic machine.


Electric Current:1.67/1.69A
Rotate Speed:1400r/min
Conveyor Width:100mm/150mm
Conveyor Length:4000mm(Can be customized)
Conveyor Height:985mm(Can be customized)
The conveyor belt is with guard bars and made of high quality material, ensure products can be transferred smoothly,reduce the production error.
The rotary knob inside machine case can be used to adjust the working speed of the conveyor belt,improve working quality.
The length and height of the conveyor belt can be customized according to your production need.It is suitable for diameter S 100mm products.

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