1W laser_3.5, 35cm*50cm , 1000mW big DIY laser engraving machine,diy marking machine ,diy laser engrave machine,advanced toys

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    0.5W laser_3.5, 35cm*50cm , 500MW big DIY laser engraving machine,diy marking machine ,diy laser engrave machine,advanced toys
    Type:laseraxe mini laser engraver
    Laser Power:500mW
    Preliminary test 2.5W, can cut 2MM linden wood,0.5W can‘t cut any wood
    5.5W  can cut 4MM   linden wood 
    the difference between 2.8w and 5.5w laser machine is only the laser tube , 5.5w laser is more powerful , cutting wood more easily .
    Laser Wavelength:405nm(blue laser)
    Power Supply:DC12V 2.5A
    Engraving Area:35X50cm/14X20inch
    Engraving Accuracy:0.1mm
    Machine Size(assembled):620X440X205cm/24X17X8inch(L*W*H)
    Net Weight:5kg
    1)Laseraxe DIY min laser engraver
    2)Equipped with 405nm 500mW blue laser moule with heatsink,can work continuously 1-2 hours
    3)Two pieces 42mm stepper motor power drive, fast moving speed and quiet, can use it in home or office no worry about noise producing
    4)Gantry shape design, no engraving height limitation,just put the laser machine on the items then work,fit for various working places
    5)Low-light positioning function,
    6)Software support laser power adjusting, more laser power type can be adjusted just with this machine
    7)Support greyscale engraving, you can do fantastic picture engraving crafts
    8)35X50cm ultra large engraving area
    1.Can engrave material:wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, leather, rubber, acrylic
    2.Can cut mater:thin paper, thin EPE foam
    3.Can not engrave material:metal, glass, shell, ceramics, jade and jewelry
    4. Its control software is Grbl and Laseraxe(we develod it by ourself supporting power adjustment, the software is in English), please contact us when you order it, then we will send you.
    5.This the an assemble kit, need you to finish the assembling steps(we will send you assembling video)
    6.Please note that ALL import taxes / duties are the buyer’s responsibility.
    Package included:
    1X Laseraxe Desktop DIY Mini Laser Engraver
    1X Laser Goggles
    1X Laser Goggles
    1X Hex Wrench Set
    1X Test Wooden Board