1pcs Protective goggles for Violet/Blue 200-450/800-2000nm Laser Safety Green Glasses Goggle New Arrival High Quality

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The color of the lens: Green
The protective wavelength range: 200 nm - 650nm
Optical density: OD + 4
Visible light transmittance: 60%
Attenuation:(10-6 N & 10-4)
Protection Features: Absorption round protection
Suitable lasers: blue - violet lasers
Fourth harmonic Nd:YAG laser/excimer laser He-cd/YAG laser/ semiconductor lasers

Laser glasses principle:
Laser protective glasses using optical absorption principle: It is not selective light source, can be security protect a variety of diffuse reflection light; the incident angle of the light source is not selective, can be all-round protection specific b and laser and light,light response faster, higher decay rate, the surface is not afraid to wear, even with scratch, does not affect the security protection of light.


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