ZONESUN 150W Manual Stamping Machine for leather/cake branding/Wood marking

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Foil stamping, typically a commercial print process, is the application of pigment or metallic foil, often gold or silver , but can also be various patterns or what is known as pastel foil which is a flat opaque color or white special film-backed material, to paper where a heated die is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving the design of the die on the paper.


1.This products will be shipped out by regular shipping,delivery time is 15-45 business days.If you need to upgrade shipping method,please contact us.

2.This soldering iron is good choice for wood and cake. 
For leather and other product, please select machine with temperature control 



150W sodering iron are can be max temperature in 440 °C

temperature can't adjust 

the mold/die need to buy extra

contact to us supply your design before buy for confirm

if not contact to us supply logo design we will delivery without brass mold/die

Standard Voltage use 220V/50Hz










Mold are customization products

PLS contact to us check LOGO design then order,

Name:Stamping machine copper mold

Mold plate thickness:Standard 8 mm
Engraving deep:Standard 2.5-3.0mm(3-5mm as customer request)
Document version:CDR/AI/EPS/PSD/High quality JPG

If not contact to us directlly order it

we will delivery 

BLANK mold in 30mm(Length)*30mm(Width)*8mm(Thickness)with screw



Embossed leather, wood products, handicrafts, handbags purses, sticker, stationery, footwear 

mark,plastic packaging, leather embossed branding, car seats, mobile phone sets, paper 

invitations, cards, notes, furniture, branding, gilt frames plastic stamping etc. 




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Separated with the electric motor,the pump is made of a variety of anti-corrosion imported material.There is no mechanical metal part or abrasion inside the pump.The pump can stand oil,heat,acid,alkali,abrasion and chemical products.This pump integrates the advantage of self-suck pump and chemical pump.It can self suck,heat protect,stable working 




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