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ZONESUN 110/220V 50W 400*600mm Mini CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Cutting Machine 4060 Laser with USB Support - ZONESUN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED

ZONESUN 110/220V 50W 400*600mm Mini CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Cutting Machine 4060 Laser with USB Support

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110/220V 60W 400*600mm Mini CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Cutting Machine 4060 Laser with USB Support

Positioning accuracy:0.013 (mm)
Fast-forward speed:30000 (mm / min)
Cutting head:CO2 laser
Dynamic Forms:Laser
Laser Power:40w / 50w / 60w/ 80w three elections
1 THE product is big size and heavy,we can not sent by plane,so we only sent by sea to your port,we sent by container
2 you complete the order , we give you bill of lading and invoice
3 you may be need pay some custom duty and port fee,that is buyer need to pay it, you need to know about this.
4 when you place order,please let me know which port you are,
only you agree all of the rule,we accept your order,if you not accept it,please do not order from us.we can try to take photo for you before we sent it.
This product has a variety of models, please choose the power you need, and let us know
Product advantage:
4060 50w laser engraving machine laser cutting machine 
1. 4060 series of new laser engraving machine is an economical, practical models carving precision;
2. the professional design and crafts engraving machine, using imported components, into the latest optical, mechanical, electrical integration technology, beautiful and practical, high performance;
3. easy to operate, support printers, scanners, compatible with TIF international standard font and BMP, JPG and other documents;
4. powerful software, with a strong compatibility, support BMP, PLT, AL, JPG, CDR and other file formats.
Scope of application:
With high precision, simple operation, wide range, with scanning, engraving (cutting) function, can be perforated, is the production of handicrafts preferred model.
Suitable materials: glass, acrylic, pvc materials, leather, cloth, rubber, plastic, wood products, paper products, stone products and other non-metallic materials
For industry: glass, rubber sheet, products, molds, templates, arts and crafts, advertising decoration, paper products and other industries
Difference: in acrylic, for example within 40 w cut 3 mm; About 50 w cutting 5 mm; About 60 w cutting 8-12 mm. Another 80 w and 100 w for close to choose faster power stronger.
Technical Index
 Laser power:50w 
(We also have other size laser,40w/50w/80w, the price is different, clik here to choose the one you need
 Cutting thickness:0-10mm(determined by materials)
 Engraving speed:0-27000 (mm/min)
 Cutting speed:0-3600(mm/min)
 Minimum shaping character : Chinese character:1.8x1.8mm,Letter0.8x0.8mm
 Resolution ratio:1000dpi
 Power supply:AC110v/220V,50HZ/60HZ
 Location way : Laser positioning
 Location precision:<0.01mm
 Gross Power :<450W
 Operating temperature:0-45 Degrees Celsius
 Operating humidity :5-95%(Free of condensed water)
 Processing area:400x600mm
 Net weight:90KG


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